Eddie & Mary


In 2014 while playing in Sturgis South Dakota, Eddie was nominated and later inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame as a GREAT BLUES ARTIST and AMBASSADOR TO WV.

They own & operate 'Freedom Recording Studios'  in Southern West Virginia.

They  have recorded 23 albums of mostly original  songs.


Eddie & Mary have played all over the U.S. and enjoy traveling & meeting new people . 

 (Show case in Dallas TX.)


They  love riding their Harley and are members of  "Bikers for Christ MM."


Eddie & Mary

  •   Eddie & Mary Day
  • Several years ago, Eddie Day was playing the Night Club circuit in a Country Rock/Blues Band. The band had accomplished a lot in the short time they had been together, opening shows for some of the biggest stars in the business. "Hank Williams Jr..Marty Stuart..Johnny Paycheck..and Ronnie McDowell" and many many more great entertainers..
  • "Yea it was a wild ride for many years. I loved the music and gave every second of my life to it. It came before everything, including my family. The road life, the late nights and wild parties were tough on my family and I realized I was losing those closest to me. 
  • Mary had to drive me home from a gig one night and as she went on in the house, I sat in the car and watched the sun rise. I was starting to sober up and was thinking about my miserable life.
  • I bowed my head and asked the Lord, "If you really want me as bad as I think you do, You will have to help me.  This crazy life, these drugs and alcohol have its claws in me, and I can’t stop by myself. Please help me get to you." 
  • I meant that prayer with all my heart..and.. HE heard me! My life started changing. Over the next few weeks I just didn’t want to go out like I used to. So, after Mary kept nagging, I broke down & went to church with her. That was the single most important decision I could’ve made at that time! 
  • "I had always put crazy wild things in my life..and that’s what came out! Now I was putting something GOOD in, family..kids..other sober people who knew where I was coming from. Yep, I realized after a short time, The Lord was helping me change just like I had asked!
  • Eddie also started writing a lot of songs, & with all the different musical influences, there is a lot of variety. Blues, Rock, Country, Oldies and everything in between!

  • You can watch them online every Sunday at 2:00pm & Thursday night at 7:00 pm on
  • For more info about Eddie, Visit: www.eddieday.org or call Boogerwoods Entertainment at 304-467-8435